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Treatments Offered

The team at Capital Cosmetic & Laser Clinic are trained and experienced in a broad range of cosmetic medical and laser treatments. Medical Director, Dr Jennifer Dunlop, can treat you with these these specialist treatments.

Laser for facial capillaries

This is an excellent, non-invasive laser treatment to remove the fine blood vessels we develop, particularly on our cheeks and nose. The laser offers an efficient, reliable and widely tolerated method of closing the tiny capillaries and preventing the constantly flushed look they cause.

Laser for pigmented skin lesions

Benign pigmented spots on the skin can be lightened by the fine, precise laser. We commonly develop ‘age-spots’ on our hands and face and this is a telling sign of the years rolling past. Here is a fast way to retrieve a more even skin colouring.


Enjoy a comfortable, relaxing procedure that refreshes your skin and reduces acne, chicken pox scars, uneven pigmentation and textural irregularities. Your skin will be refreshed and recover its smoother, more youthful appearance. Using a medically designed tool developed in Australian, skin specialists smooth your skin gently and firmly with fine diamond-like particles brushed across it.

To this can be added an ultrasonophoresis treatment to promote penetration of essential vitamins into the skin. For deeper treatment of scars, Collagen Induction Therapy using fine skin rollers is an option.

Sclerotherapy for leg veins

This is the ‘gold standard’ treatment for unsightly leg veins. A clinic-based procedure, sclerotherapy requires no hospitalisation – you will be up and walking within a few days, enjoying relief from aching, vein-marked legs.

Sclerotherapy can remove those blue/green and purple veins that look like bruises and blemishes on the legs. It can reduce aching leg veins and help clear the tiny veins that remain after varicose vein surgery or trauma to the legs.

Chemical peel

Sun exposure, acne and age all contribute to loss of our youthful, healthy skin. Chemical peels help restore better skin texture by smoothing out colour and textural variations, and fine lines. Relax and enjoy this hands-on treatment for your face, neck, décolletage, arms and hands.

Frown lines and crows’ feet treatment

Here, injections are made into the muscles that are pulling your skin into frown lines on your forehead or crow’s feet around your eyes. This relaxes the muscle action and allows those skin grooves to lie flatter and more smoothly. No more comments about looking angry or tired!

Dermal fillers

Continuous muscle movement in our faces, accompanied by age-related loss of collagen, creates lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth and nose. Smoker’s lines and scars also create an unsightly appearance and can be improved with injections to replenish the collagen support of the skin. This same treatment can also be used to enhance your lip contours.

Radiofrequency surgery

Many people are troubled by skin tags and small skin lesions. These can be easily and swiftly removed under a little local anaesthetic. If these lumps and bumps make your life uncomfortable, here is a simple, straightforward way to remove them.

Radiofrequency energy can also be directed into the skin using a gold plated massaging handpiece that promotes new collagen growth from within, thus firming the skin and smoothing out fine wrinkles.

Treatment for excessive sweating

A particularly embarrassing and troublesome problem to some is excessive underarm sweating. This can make clothes choices limited and work & social life inhibited. Help is at hand in an office-based procedure that consists of tiny injections to stop the profuse sweating. This has changed the lives of many young people and given them greater confidence and freedom in daily life activities.

Minor skin surgery

Small skin lesions you may be worried about can be removed using the finest skin surgery techniques. Specimens can be sent for pathology examination and you can set your mind at rest.

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